Donut the Donkey is a big character on the farm. He is a little on the wild side and he can be grumpy, but he has a great sense of humour. If he is not iwinding up the other animals then you will find him playing with bucket or looking for bananas! 


Lola & Lillie

The sweetest of the Elisaye animal family, is the mother and daughter duo, Lola & Lillie!


Lola arrived as a rescue in March 2020, we had no idea she was pregnant. Lillie gave us her suprise appearance in the summer of 2020. Lola, is the best mother and although she little on the shy side and likes a quieter life, she is very sweet if she knows you and loves a little fuss.  Her daughter on the other hand, Lillie , is almost always up for a cuddle with anyone. She really has earned the name ' The Cuddle Monster' and, oh, does she live up that name! Her attention seeking, cheeky antics and sweet loving will be sure to put a smile on your face!



Bonnie Blanca

Bonnie Blanca aka 'Mini Unicorn' , is our beloved little Shetland mare. She is a wise and sassy 20 year old who knows her worth and her job. Do not let her age fool you, BonniesB’s zest for life will truly astound you. She is the perfect little kids pony, sweet as can be and loves playing dress up.

As they say - Great things come in small packages!



Another Unicorn on the farm...our big, bold and beautiful horse, Centauro is always a favourite among the guests. He is King of the farm, and plays the role very well, although he is assertive -  he is also kind so is well respected by the Elisaye animal family. Don't be fooled by his big stance, he's a big softie at heart and he loves a good cuddle. He is extremely versatile and with his happy go lucky attitude, it makes him a dream to ride. He enjoys mountain adventures and jumping fences ( particularly  those he shouldn't be jumping!)



Elisaye's heart throb,  Valentino !

Val is the quietest of the herd , who much prefers his own company. His laid back attitude to life is hard not to be envious about.  Oh, if we could all live in ' Vals World'!!   Not much fazes our heart throb which makes him a suitable for kids and adults to enjoy. He is a lovely safe ride, but would much prefer to be eating or sleeping! 


Ronnie & Reggie 

The Elisaye criminals  - always up to no good but always a great source of entertainment. They will eat anything and everything, Ronnie  even performs trick for treats.  The two are great  for taking on a walk - but they will most likely be walking you!



Arriving Soon ...An Elisaye newbie!

We are yet to welcome Shaun to the family. He was rescued by lovely family, who found him adandoned as a baby and has since been raised with their dogs. Shaun is now ready to live amongst farm animals and enjoy the company of our goats and piggies. We are told he loves long walks with his humans in countryside.  We can’t wait to meet him!


Peaches & Mr Pickles

These little cuties are Elisaye's mini piggies. You will hear them before you will see them, they love a good chit-chat whilst they get on with their daily business. Mr Pickles is on the shy side and prefers to be left alone, however he will be more than happy to take food from your hand!  Princess Peaches is as confident as she is cute - forever seeking belly rubs and will do tricks for treats. Their favourite snacks are bread, tomatoes and almonds. Oh you may have guessed their favourite hobby is rolling around in the mud!


Leroy & Merlin

The Elisaye Alpacas! ... We are yet to meet these two goofy fur balls, they are due to arrive March 2020 and we are really looking forward to welcoming them into our animal family.  


Watch this space!!